Fastway Tracking By SMS

Tracking any parcel through a tracking number is a very common task. But there are some people who want to track their packages by SMS. Likewise, Fastway tracking also provides an option of SMS to its users to track their parcels at any place or time.

A more effective point about SMS tracking is that users will be informed through the messages about any movement of their parcel. Just put your contact number and get that service.

How to set SMS tracking Opt?

Fastway Tracking By SMS

Open a Fastway tracker tool and put your tracking number or info in the tool. After that, press the button “track” which will take you directly to the tracking details page. Then select “Request Status Updates” and add SMS notifications. 

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After selecting that type, Users need to select SMS text and then enter their mobile number in the opt. At last, select the button “Confirm” that you agree with the term of use and Fastway privacy policy.

Now, Confirm your request for a mobile number, and then you’ll be informed about your parcel’s status, delivery time, location, and other activities with the parcel.

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