Delhivery Courier Tracking-Track your parcel 

If you want to track trace your parcel and also want to send a package to someone then definitely Delhiverytracking helps you in this work. Because it is one of the best and more profitable companies in the courier service in India. And with the help of this courier system, you can send and receive the parcels.

Delhivery Courier

Moreover, you can update yourself with all the present information about your parcel. And also it is a very fast courier service.

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As we know that, code is the important thing in the tracking process. So, you can get this code from the company. So, if you have some interest in this tool and also want to know about the tracking process, features, and other important things about this tool. Then, you should check this article because here we will discuss everything about this tool that will help you during the use of this tool.

 Delhivery Tracking:

Well, Delhivery Tracking courier service is a multinational company that is located in India. And its CEO is SahilBarua. Moreover, this company was established in May 2011, then Dehli and Gurgaon were selected for the main headquarters of this company. And after that, because of the hardworking of its employees and with its best features this company earns a unique value in the market. And nowadays it is one of the best Multinational company in the world. Also, the services of this company are very fast and they do all the work with honest and caring.

Delhivery Courier

Moreover, there are more than 1200 offices in the various cities, and also it servers 12000 episodes. So, now there are 15000 professional employees that are working in these offices and they are always ready to help their customers. They inform the customers with all the information about the parcel and also give them the tracking code of their parcel. At last, with this speed of work, these employees handle more than 1 million orders in the month. Also, the hard work of these employees is the main reason behind the popularity of this company.

Features of Delhivery Tracking service:

When a person wants to use any type of tool then he should have some knowledge about the features of that tool. Because these features help us to make our work easier. So, with the help of the features of this Delhivery courier service, you can easily trace&track your parcel. With the help of Delhivery tracking features, you can trace your package in a very short time and always inform yourself about the location of the parcel. So, you should keep the focus on the features of this tool, and the features are given below in the list:-

Tracking Number:

No doubt, that without the tracking code we can not trace our parcel. So, it is necessary for us if we want to trace your parcel. We can get this number from the company. When a person gives his parcel for courier service in the company then the Delhivery tracking gives the code of the parcel. And this code is based on some digits and numbers. Moreover, you need to put that code in the blank box that is given above, and after that click on the button of trace or track. Then the tracking process of your parcel will start and after few seconds the present location of the parcel will be shown on your mobile or any other device.


Well, this is the main feature that why people believe in this company. Because its security system is very amazing. One important thing about the security system of Delhivery tracking is that the tracking number is only allowed for the sender. So, only the sender can trace his parcel. And also when the company delivered the parcel, the company informs the sender that his parcel is delivered to the destination with the security system.

Service system:

We know that there are more than 1200 offices in the various cities and more than 15000 employees are working in these offices. Because of its fast service, the company clears more than 1 million orders in one month. Its employees are always ready to help their customers and inform them of all the important things that are important for the tracking system. And if unfortunately, the customer missed the tracking or forgot that. So, they can get that code again from the company they just need to give the ID card number to get that code.


Is Delhivery tracking is a fast courier service?

Delhivery is one of the best Multinational courier services. No doubt, that it is a fast courier service you send the parcel in a very short time and in secure hands.

Delhivery Courier

How to track the parcel?

It is very simple and easy. You just need to put the teaching code that you get from the company. And after that click on the button of trace&track then your process of tracking the parcel will start. And after few minutes you will get the information about your parcel.


So, Delhivery tracking is one of the largest courier service companies in India, and its main headquarters are in Delhi and Gurgaon. Moreover, its service system is very good and you can send a parcel in a very short time. And also it is a secure and honest company. At last, you can trace the parcel in this company in a very short time, and in this process, you just need to add the tracking code and after that, the present location of the parcel will be shown on your device.

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