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If you want to send the couriers in a very short time then Intelcom Tracking might help you with that purpose. Its delivery service is very fast and also you can trace the parcel at any place or time. It also provides us the service of door to door. If you are using this tool then don’t worry about your parcel because your parcel is in the right hands. It is a very secure courier service and also it takes care of your parcel. 

Intelcom Tracking

 Intelcom Tracking

Intelcom tracking is a courier service in Canada and it has been operating since 1986. And now it spreads its services in more than 260cities in the country. So, it is a national company. There is no holiday in the whole week and its working time is 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. The delivery speed of the Intelcom courier is very fast and it delivers more than 4 million couriers and parcels in the whole year. And also it is one of the top 5 companies for courier services.

Moreover, the employees of this company are always ready to help their customers. We know that there are a lot of courier services in which we can not get the total information from the employees and we can see that they feel bored when they talk with the costumers. But the employees of Intelcom tracking are always struggling to give the information about their courier service to the customer. And this helps the customers during the use of this tool. Also, they tell them about the tracking process of the parcel.

Features of Intelcom tracking:

Features are the main things that help the tool to become popular in the market. So, Intelcom courier services have the best features that help us in the tracking system and make it easier for us. And it is necessary that the user of any tool should have knowledge about the features. And if you want to use this tool then keep reading this article. Because here we are going to discuss the features of this tool and also we will explain it. So, the features are given in the list:-

Door to Door service:

Door-to-door service is the main feature of this tool. Because we know that in this busiest life no one has more time to go out for any type of work. Then in this situation, Intelcom tracking helps you with this service. Simply, you need to contact the office of the company. And then their employee will come to you and he will provide you with all the information about the tracking system and also gives you tracking code that is very important in the tracking system.

Intelcom Tracking

So, the company will pick up the parcel from your door and deliver it to its destination in a very short time. And they take the parcel with a secure and caring system. And when they deliver the parcel you will get a notification from the company. 

The tracking process:

As we know that we can not track our parcel without the tracking code. The company provides us a code when we gave them our parcel for delivery. This code consists of 8 digits and numbers. So, in the tracking, you just need to put that code in the box that is given on the upper side of the tracking page. After putting that code in the cox you need to press the button of trace that is given on the right side of the box. And after that, your tracking process will start and in few seconds you will able to look at your parcel activities.

A point that also arises ultimately during the discussion that if unfortunately, the user forgot that code. Then you have no need to worry about that because you can get that code again from the company but for that purpose, you need to give your ID card number to the number. Because they require it for the security records.

Shipping Notification:

With the help of this feature, we can get information about the delivery time of our parcel. When the delivery boy give the parcel to the receiver and got his signature. After that, the company sends you the notification that your parcel is delivered now. And then you can confirm this notification from the receiver. We know that there are a lot of courier services in which we are not confirmed about the delivery time and also we have no knowledge about the present location of the parcel.

Intelcom Tracking

But in this courier service, we can trace the location of our parcel and also got the notification on delivery of parcel.


How can I track my parcel with the tracking number?

A tracking number is important to know about the location and activities of the parcel. The tracking number is attached with the parcel in Intelcom. And when we add this number to the tracking page. Then we can track the present location of our parcel.

What is Intelcom tracking?

It is a courier service in Canada and also we can trace our parcel on this services. And it covers 260 cities in Canada. We can send and receive the parcels with the help of this tool.


So, now we know a lot of things about Intelcom Tracking. It is a Canadian courier service and also the delivery speed of this tool is very amazing. It also provides us the service from door-to-door and also it informs us when they deliver the parcel. It is a very secure courier service and also it takes care of our parcel.

So, it has all those features that are important for the courier services.

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